Plenty of Business Buyers


Currently, 10 to 1 at least, are buyers over sellers. In Toronto, this proves to be a challenge when attempting to buy a profitable business. Below are options potential business buyers should consider to locate great businesses for sale with a lot of potential and are reasonably priced.

  • International business for sale websites: Some of these great websites are:,, etc. These websites have been professionally built and have hundreds of registered buyers who receive new business opportunities as they are available. Most business brokers are also registered in these websites and regularly post their own listings to insure that the business listings are reasonably priced.
  • Brokers‘ websites: Generally, these are Internet savvy brokers that specialize in business sale. Their listings are first listed in their own websites before being listed elsewhere giving a first mover advantage to potential buyers.
  • Business Exchange Magazine: This magazine can be found in Real Estate offices and publishes in major cities in Ontario. Unfortunately, most businesses listed here are restaurants, convenience stores, dry cleaning businesses, gas stations, second and third tier new franchises.
  • Contacting target businesses directly: This method is rarely effective as most small businesses are not for sale at any given time. Some argue that anything can be bought at the right price but from experience, getting an unwilling and unready business owner to sell his or her business can be VERY painful, time consuming and very costly.
  • Smaller Local Business for Sale Websites: These types of websites typically have a smaller amount of listings and most listings are listed by their owners. Since most owners have an inflated perception of what their business is worth, most business listings to be over priced.

Aldrin Raphael: This option will prove to be the most effective method of finding the right business, at the right price. In fact, we already have business listings available to you to peruse right here & now.