Brittany Wiseman

Brittany Wiseman

Vice President
Sales Representative

Brittany Wiseman has been the heart of the office at ARBB since she started. While working in Real Estate for nearly a decade, she has done it all! From Re-Sale, to New Builds, to her favorite passion; working in Commercial Real Estate. She was introduced to Business Brokering in 2018 and she immediately found her niche within the Real Estate world. Brittany will be the face you see at all events as she has become what we like to call our ‘Spokesperson’ of ARBB.

One of Brittany’s biggest goals is to help strengthen the brand of ARBB. She envisions that whenever someone wants to buy a business, or sell their business, or even has the simplest of inquiries relating to businesses, that they think of A R Business Brokers.

A word Brittany’s family, friends, colleagues and clients would use to describe her would definitely be workaholic but the words passionate, driven, down to earth and fearless would also come to mind. She goes to battle for her clients and isn’t afraid to work all hours of the day to ensure that their best interests are being sought after. Even with her hectic schedule Brittany still has a personal life. She has her beautiful and smart daughter, Ava, which is what motivates her everyday. Brittany is also a passionate member of our community and spends her “free-time” running various Charities and Fundraisers throughout the year.

BrittanyWiseman is a mother, a philanthropist, a bull dog of a negotiator, is experienced, but above all else she is just like you!