Why Use An Intermediary

While the business owner is the champion of running the business it might not prepare them for the selling process. An intermediary or a business broker can help the business owner reach their own goals of a successful transaction. When you hire a intermediary or a business broker, you’re getting five professionals rolled into one.


Procrastinating and delaying act as critical factors when structuring a deal. So, a business broker will continually move the process forward with qualified buyers, financing resources and ancillary associations to thd eal such as CPAs and lawyers. A business broker is in a better position to perform this function than the owner as she / he is focused on the life cycle of the deal while the owner of the business is focused on keeping the business profitable.


Selling a business is like selling a home. You become so invested in the business that it becomes emotionally devastating to sell it. A business broker or intermediary will act on behalf of the owner and will establish a strong negotiating position without compromising the integrity and relationship between the principle parties. Also, the intermediary will establish and negotiate for the “best price” for the business.


Business brokers are skilled professionals with many great relationships in the business world. This will be a benefit to business owners in completing the transfer of ownership. These relationships will prove to be extremely beneficial to both the buyers and sellers.


Business owners could experience disastrous results by leaking that the business is for sale. Employees, customers, suppliers and competitors’ relationships could be damaged causing an adverse condition hurting the potential sale. A business broker will preserve confidentiality of the sale of the company during the process of marketing the business and only share info on a need to know basis.


Your business broker is your most trusted advisor. They will provide you with strategic information regarding timing, conditions, financing options, structuring the transaction and other important information that will help be an advantage for the owner.

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