Forget Start-Up Businesses – Buy an Existing Business or Franchise

As a new entrepreneur, you are seeking to own and operate your own business.  Once you have decided to move forward the question then becomes – do you start your own business from the bottom up or do you buy an existing business or franchise? 

The advantages of buying an existing business or franchising are overwhelmingly in your favour.  Buying an existing business allows you, among other things, to select your preferred business size, city and the number of employees you are willing to manage.  Let’s take a closer look at why buying an existing business is the best option.

Proven Track Record

When you buy a business, one of the benefits is the opportunity to review the financial statements to ensure the company has a proven track record.  Knowing where the business stands and the earning potential is one of the biggest advantages of buying an existing business.   With the list of businesses available to buy at A R Business Brokers, you will have the advantage of making sure the business meets your standards and expectations.


If the location of the business impacts the operation of the business than the location will be of utmost importance.  Buying an established business will allow you to select the location that you seek in an established neighbourhood.

Established Clients. 

On day one you will have established clients who have awareness of your name and your brand.  As you establish marketing plans, you will have the luxury of focusing on the products and services rather than awareness.  Having an established clientele allows you to grow the brand while maintaining a solid base of loyal customers.

Proven Systems + Processes and Trained Employees.

The previous owner will have made investments in their staff as well as their equipment and technology.  The trained and loyal staff will be able to guide you through the first few weeks with their experience and knowledge.  Your initial investment in the business will include all the equipment and proven technology as well as an established online presence in most cases.  An online presence is not to be underestimated as it will give you the advantage of reaching established customers and sharing offers through technology.  As you progress and grow, you can determine the upgrades and changes you would like to make on a case by case rather than all at once.

At A R Business Brokers, we have a list of qualified and successful businesses available to begin your journey as a new business owner.  Contact our office today to get started.  Visit the business listings today at