Our Team

Aldrin Raphael Fernandes

Broker of Record

Aldrin Fernandes said his experience as an immigrant, who went through the process of buying and selling companies since coming to Canada, combined with his marketing and accounting background, led him to create a boutique business brokerage. “At ARBB, we want to get deals donethe right deals. We are a matchmaking service between sellers and buyers, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” says Fernandes. “Both our buyer and seller clients can be assured that we are truly trying to find the right partners to deliver win-win situations for both parties. We had a great year in 2016, but stay tuned because we’ve got some amazing changes coming that will allow us to serve our clients better and more efficiently.”

Aldrin was recently honoured by the International Business Brokers Association with a Chairman’s Circle Award and the Deal Maker Award for 2016.

Shawn Hodgson

Sales Representative

Shawn has an adventurous story, having lived in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. He speaks Spanish, is an avid photographer and scuba diver. Shawn has been in the real estate industry longer than anyone on the team and joined Team Aldrin after noticing the growth that Aldrin was experiencing. He saw this as a great opportunity to break into the commercial industry.

Shireen Khan


Shireen, who has a fantastic work ethic, joined us in November 2016 after working in residential real estate for four years. She moved to the Greater Toronto Area from Trinidad in 1996 and attended York University. Outside of work, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her 12-year-old son.

Nadir Dherani

Sales Representative

Nadir is an agent with an extensive background in restaurants and food franchises. Nadir joined the team in November 2016. As a former owner of a Wild Wing, he knows the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. When he’s not working with clients, Nadir loves spending time with his wife and family. Balancing both is very important to him.

Lester Fernandes

Sales Representative

Lester is our longest tenured Sales Rep, having been with the team from the very beginning. He has been in Canada for the past 6 years and was in Dubai prior to that. Lester has a background in advertising and marketing and this helps him to find value for his clients. He has been a lifelong soccer fan having played and coached in the past. Now his main role is to serve as his daughter’s biggest fan as she follows in his footsteps playing soccer.

Daryl Gloyns

Daryl is our newest agent, but comes with a wealth of experience in running and selling businesses. While working on the sales of a couple of his business ventures, Daryl realized that he had a knack for it. He soon got his real estate license and got on board with our team. Daryl’s experience as a buyer and seller adds unique perspective to the team.

Jim Stan

Business Development Manager

Jim would tell you that his role within the company is like Robert De Niro’s character in “The Intern;” however, the value he adds to the company and our clients is immense. Having lived in many cities across Canada and owning multiple companies in the past, he is a wealth of knowledge. A testament to Jim’s character ? He started two fundraising projects that have generated over $3 million in funds for local charities.