Small Business Funding Programs

This article that we are sharing with you is in dedication to finding great funding programs for your small, medium or large business. It will highlight the most important source of funding by the Canadian government. Using the government link, a variety of options become readily available.

As you’re aware, one of the most important aspects of buying a business is securing the approval of funds to put towards the purchase of your new venture.

Check out the Canada Small Business Funding Program.

Understanding always that small businesses are a vital part of Canada’s economy, we’ve noted that they face a variety of unique challenges especially when seeking financing options. The Canada Small Business Financing Program has been helping small business owners with their needs for over 50 years. Under this particular program, the Government of Canada makes it easier for small businesses to get loan approvals from financial institutions by sharing the risks with lenders.

There are a few key factors for the program and they are:

  • To help your new business get started
  • Help your existing business grow and improve
  • Provide more access to loans that are not usually available
  • Stimulate economic growth within the country and create jobs for Canadians

Since 1999, the program has assisted more than 148,000 businesses with loans totaling about $15 billion to date.

This website will provide you in depth resources to lenders, reasons for lending, reasons for why you might need the loan to supplement your small business needs & much more.